Monday, October 16, 2006

Microsoft-isms 2007

Throughout the conference, I heard a few phrases and pronunciations that seem to be used by Microsoft as well as a number of the product partners there.  As is often the case, we will no doubt be using these phrases ourselves within a matter of months and not think about them a second time.
This phrase was used by many presenters to talk about the next version, or whatever was coming in the future.  Heh, clever :)  I guess software manufacturers are moving away from incremental naming schemes, this is more accurate than version++.
dub *
Since it is apparently too time-consuming to say "double-ewe", the new components of .NET 3.0 are cited as dub-eff (WF), dub-see-eff (WCF), and dub-pea-eff, (WPF).
Not a new word, but the word at Microsoft come the new year.  Someone suggested an MS marketing exec believes MSFT can own the word connect.  No doubt, we will see this word peppered in every marketing campaign next year, from Dynamics, Office, to all Server-based products.  While arguably inane, to MSs credit, the technology demonstrated this past week did indicate a culmination in their efforts towards interop/integration of all MS products.
As a side note, there is apparently to be a large public marketing campaign for BizTalk Server 2006, the scale of the recent Dynamics campaign.  I don't know how accurate this statement is, but if it is true, we may see a large increase in demand from customers.

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