Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SOA Conference - Day One: Morning

It's 8am PST and I've just eaten my hot breakfast outside the conference rooms.  I've been proven wrong.  Scrambled eggs at large functions aren't all bad.  These ones were pretty damn good.
The other nice thing about conferences is the free stuff.  No cheap highlighter, no dinky keychain.  All attendees get an mp3 player.  I'm not so much excited about the chance to play mp3s (and WMAs, can't forget that at MS) since my palm already does that, but the fact that it records.  Small feature but one I hope to take advantage of.  The manual says it has an FM tuner too, but it would appear not on this model.
On a real note, I have learned that all sessions will be recorded and all participants will receive a DVD compilation with all sessions.  So, I don't have to be upset that I am missing one or more concurrent sessions that tore my decision making.  Further, I can then share that with key people at the office (and of course saves me from the times I may have a faulty memory).
This should be fun!

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